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Today at Henry Street

Today at Henry Street

Henry Street Settlement is is a non-profit social service agency in the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan that provides social services, arts programs and health care services to New Yorkers of all ages.

1. The Problem

Henry Street gave my team this problem:

Is there a better way to track all of Henry Street's services and events rather than using a weekly staff email?

My team interviewed several employees from Henry Street to clarify the problem and get a greater sense of what they need.

2. The Process

User Persona

I created user personas based on discussions with program directors at Henry Street Settlement. They gave us great insight into the needs of their community, and the administrative needs of Henry Street Settlement. These personas helped us empathize with the users of the product we were creating.



Competitive research

I looked at the landing pages of several event-planning apps and drew wireframes of them to distill them to their essence and see what features they have. 


Experience Map


I mapped the parallel experiences of our two personas to clarify how they would interact with the app and how the app would improve their experience.



My team began our wireframing by having everyone sketch as many rough ideas on paper as they could in 60 seconds. We then repeated this process and taped the results to the wall. We used dot voting to select our favorite options. The other designers on the team created rough digital wireframes based on the chosen designs, and I combined their separate files and edited them to be higher fidelity and visually consistent.

The Prototype

I used Invision to create an interactive prototype with our high-fidelity screens. We then user-tested them with staff from Henry Street Settlement and received their feedback.

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